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B2B Growth is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. Each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing executive or thought leader, discussing topics like: B2B marketing strategy, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), B2B strategic partnerships, aligning marketing with sales, social media, content creation and promotion, leadership, buyer personas, agile marketing, and more.
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Jun 30, 2016

There’s always a gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Whether you’re just launching or you’re reevaluating your place in the market, seeing the gaps and knowing how to fill them is critical. Through strategic planning, understanding your competitors, and embracing pitfalls, you can find your fit in the market and position yourself strategically.

In this episode Tony Winders, B2B Marketing Consultant for Advertising, Technology, and Media Companies, shares his B2B go-to-market strategy and tactics.

Jun 29, 2016

Think of account-based intelligence as the delivery agent of information needed to drive pipeline growth.

Centering marketing and sales teams around accounts will improve the quality of leads generated and create new opportunities with your existing leads. It’s a win from all angles.

In this episode Matt Benati, Co-Founder and CEO of LeadGnome, breaks down three ways account-based intelligence drives B2B growth.

Jun 28, 2016

Content marketing in the B2B world is tough.

In a Content Marketing Institute study, they found that 62% of B2B content marketers say producing engaging content is their greatest challenge.

How do you create content that doesn’t point to your product with a giant foam finger, but still guides people into your funnel? You ask the right questions.

In this episode Nick Raithel, Commander in Chief at Content Corps, shares three critical questions to ask to ensure your B2B content marketing strategy fuels your funnel. He also shares a link for B2B Growth listeners that includes an expanded list of questions and strategies.

Jun 27, 2016

When sending cold emails, the content you write must provide value.

That way, your reader is willing to exchange their time to read your email and, hopefully, exchange their money for your product or service down the road. In order for this to be a possibility, there are a few tactics you should bring into your cold email strategy.

In this episode Heather Morgan, CEO of Salesfolk, shares the science of architecting a cold email from research to reply, and she also shares Salesfolk’s Cold Email Mastery Course for detailed tips, tricks, and templates.

Jun 26, 2016

In order to build a fine-tuned sales machine, great technology has to be a given.

There are sales tools to streamline everything from contacts to conversion, so in order to know what your company actually needs, you need to start asking questions.

In this episode Fred McGill, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Redox, unpacks four questions to ask when evaluating sales technology.

Jun 25, 2016

Leaders set the bar for risk within an organization.

They have to be aware that they are constantly signaling messages about the risk culture and that those signals impact everyone within the organization.

In this episode Yuval Bar-Or, Faculty at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Founder of Light Brigade, explains risk culture and how leaders can strategically define and shape it within an organization.

Jun 24, 2016

Customer success is a two-sided coin.

On the first side is data, and on the other is customer-centricity. Data is great, but if it’s not used to put the customer at the center of the process, then it’s not going to do your company any good.

In this episode Alex Raymond, Founder and CEO of Kapta, unpacks his blog post, The Rise of Account-Based Customer Success, and the five things every B2B executive needs to understand about account-based customer success.


Jun 23, 2016

It’s undeniable that what you give out is what you get back.

It’s beneficial to you and your company to fill your day with positive thoughts and actions, because what goes around comes around.

In this episode Chris Fisher, VP of Sales at Intellect, breaks down his 12 Rules of Business Karma.

Jun 22, 2016

If you’ve ever sent a “gift” with a promotional logo on it, then your gift-giving skills suck.

Listen up: when it comes to strategic gift giving, you need to be asking “What is the most I can do for this client or prospect?” and then work backwards from there.

In this episode, John Ruhlin, Founder of The Ruhlin Group and author of Giftology, shares how to give over-the-top gifts that surprise, blow minds, and sweep people off their feet.

Jun 21, 2016

Imagine one of your sales reps in a buyer meeting, fumbling through papers, searching for the current data sheet he or she printed off before leaving the office.

Not the most professional image of your reps, or company for that matter.

Salespeople must have the best materials at their fingertips in the moments when a prospect either becomes a buyer or walker. Mobile sales tools are a great way to enable your sales team by providing them with optimal sales media.  

In this episode Orrin Broberg, CEO of App Data Room, breaks down four ways to leverage mobile sales enablement tools for outbound sales.

Jun 20, 2016

One of the trickiest questions every founder faces is, “When do I build my sales team?”

It’s a difficult question, because there is no perfect answer. A level of uncertainty exists whether you’re hiring your first salesperson or you’ve reached massive success with a 100+ person sales team.

In this episode Matthew Bellows, Founder and CEO of Yesware, shares his knowledge and experience building and scaling Yesware’s sales team. He also shares an SaaS Entrepreneur Spreadsheet that helps companies determine how quickly a salesperson can become profitable.

Jun 19, 2016

100 episodes? Guess we’re doing something right.

In our centennial episode, we dive into how we’ve leveraged this podcast to create real, substantial relationships with our ideal clients.

We cover our five biggest takeaways, how we added $1.2 million to our pipeline in the first 90 days, and how the podcast grew to over 1,000 downloads per day.

Why are we sharing the details of our podcast content strategy?

Because you can do what we’re doing.

Jun 18, 2016

If there is brand equity in the B2C marketplace, is there such a thing as sales equity in the B2B world?

In the B2B marketplace the value to the individual you’re selling to is paramount. At the end of the day, you’re not selling to a company, you’re selling to a person.

In this episode Tom Cates, Founder and Chief Storyteller at Sales Equity, breaks down how to build trusted relationships with your B2B customers and how to avoid the F-word in business.

Jun 17, 2016

In 2012, there were over 270,000 conferences in the U.S. alone.

Why are conferences doing so well? Conferences allow people to not only educate themselves, but also connect with like-minded people. We are inundated with heaps of virtual noise, so having a face-to-face conversation with someone is incredibly valuable.

In this episode Al Torres, Chief Commercial Officer at SummitSync, explains how to strategically vet, asses, and track ROI on the best conferences for your company.

Jun 16, 2016

Stop hunting for the latest and greatest social selling tool.

Social selling isn’t about a tool.

It’s about matching your selling behavior with the new buyer journey, and changing the behavior of an entire organization is no easy feat.

In this episode Kirsten Boileau, Director of SAP Experience, unpacks how to build, deliver, and scale a social selling training program in your sales organization.

Jun 15, 2016

The old saying goes, “You only get one chance to make a first impression,” and the same holds true for your copy.

To prevent your ad, website, and email copy from repelling leads, it’s necessary to tap into your reader’s subconscious so you make a lasting impression. When it comes to the psychology of sales and lead generation, if a person’s subconscious isn’t activated, they’re not going to take action.

In this episode Erik Luhrs, the “Bruce Lee of Sales and Lead Generation,” talks about how to tap into the subconscious of your audience in order to attract and retain leads.

Jun 14, 2016

Every potential client has a culture, and not every culture will jive well with your own.

If a client is going to drain you and your employees, then they aren’t the right fit for your company.

In this episode Matthew Turner, Brand Storyteller & Author of Successful Mistake, shares his insight on the importance of understanding your clients’ cultures.

Jun 13, 2016

“Defining a mission statement” might sound like undergrad business jargon, but it’s one of the most vital things you can do for your business.

Your mission statement isn’t meant to be a nice little summary of your company values; it’s meant to be your stake in the ground when disaster strikes. Your mission is a powerful guide that will help you do everything from defining your sales model to shaping your team.

In this episode Johan Brissmyr, CEO and Co-Founder of Castle, talks about three ways your mission can guide and define your business.

Jun 12, 2016

It’s the phrase you’ve heard a thousand times…”You have to have a social media presence.”

While it’s still true, the market has reached a tipping point where just having a presence is no longer enough to drive sales. With the increased noise online, you need to get creative if you want to see results.

In this episode, Ben Kolp, Head of Customer Happiness at Orca Social, talks about 5 companies’ tactics that will take your B2B social media strategy to the next level.

Jun 11, 2016

There are over 100 billion business emails sent every day.

Now that’s some stiff competition. Your only chance to stand out is to stop focusing on volume and start focusing on data-driven quality. Data is the key ingredient to drive your prospecting effectiveness through the roof.

In this episode, Bastiaan Janmaat, CEO of DataFox, shares a data-driven prospecting strategy that yielded results in 30 days.

Jun 10, 2016

Asking your reps to play the numbers game is like a teacher asking their students if they can shoot for an F on the test.

The reason your reps are having to send out 4, 6, even 8 follow-up attempts is because they are sending cold emails that suck. A 20% response rate should not be classified as success—that’s failing in our book.

In this episode Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, shares how companies are going about sales in the wrong way, and why it’s tarnishing brands.

Jun 9, 2016

We all know SDRs hate building prospect lists.

Let’s stop ignoring that fact and do something about it. Sales reps shouldn’t be bogged down with monotonous research and list building. They belong on the phones, doing what they do best—talking and building relationships with people.

In this episode Eric Boggs, Founder and President of REVBOSS, shares machines that can be used to automate administrative and repeatable tasks and get sales reps doing what they love.

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Jun 8, 2016

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Jun 8, 2016

The foundation of a strategic partnership is built on a two-way street.

If one person is all take and no give, it’s simply not going to work. Both parties need to be pursuing a relationship instead of a transaction.

In this episode, Octavia Gilmore, Owner and Creative Director at CreativeJuice, shares her insight and experience with finding and building mutually beneficial partnerships.

Jun 7, 2016

Sometimes lead generation seems to be this magical thing that just happens with no science behind it.

For agencies, lead gen is typically through word of mouth and referral. So how can they make a repeatable system with something they don’t directly influence?

In this episode, and in his blog post How Agencies Can Create a Repeatable System For Generating Leads, Kyle Racki (Co-Founder and CEO at Proposifyexplains the psychology and tactics behind creating a repeatable lead generation system.

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