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B2B Growth is a podcast dedicated to helping B2B marketing leaders achieve explosive growth. Each episode features an interview with a B2B marketing executive or thought leader, discussing topics like: B2B marketing strategy, account-based marketing (ABM), content marketing, marketing technology (MarTech), B2B strategic partnerships, aligning marketing with sales, social media, content creation and promotion, leadership, buyer personas, agile marketing, and more.
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Sep 24, 2016

In this episode we talk to Jeff Soriano, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Offerpop.

Sep 20, 2016

In this episode we talk to Jim Hopkins, Product Manager at Salesforce & Senior Product Marketing Manager at

Sep 18, 2016

Keeping a consistent look across your brand is so important.

Strong creative tells your customers that you are a responsible company that gets things done.

In this episode, Chad Giles, Creative Director at Connect Healthcare, talks about how creative, everything from font choices to colors, impacts your advertising.

Sep 17, 2016

When your sales funnel starts to looks more like a martini glass, it’s time to try a different approach.

An influx of leads at the top of the funnel is great unless the rest of the pipeline can’t keep pace with the growth. As leads are discarded or get stuck, conversion rates tend to plummet.

In this episode, Tyler Lessard, CMO at Vidyard, discusses how and why account-based marketing may be the right move and how to avoid crossing the fine line between marketing and spam.

Sep 16, 2016

There’s more to job hunting than seeing an ad and applying.

The top tier candidates need more information than a bare bones job description to get them in the door. After all, it’s not just a new job, it’s a new page of their life.

So how do you convince these candidates to apply for the position in the first place?

In this episode, James Ellis, VP of TMP Worldwide, talks about the importance of content for recruiting the best possible job candidates, even if they aren’t actively looking for a new position.

Sep 15, 2016

It takes 7 to 9 personal touches with a potential client to get them engaged in the sales funnel.

The most important word in that sentence is “personal.”

In this episode, Joe Lowry, Co-founder and CEO of, explains why having a personal touch for follow ups is crucial to engaging potential clients in the sales funnel and how to do it.

Sep 14, 2016

How do you figure out which prospects are actually potential buyers?

You could keep in touch with each lead and see how it goes, but that’s not particularly efficient.

Neither is using a crystal ball to predict the outcome. Instead, you want to use a more statistically sound type of prediction.

Predictive marketing takes large amounts of data and inputs it into a model to predict what prospects are going to do based on characteristics they share with the customers who already love your product.

In this episode, Tony Yang, VP of Demand Generation at Mintigo, explains how predictive marketing works and how it can improve lead qualification.

Sep 13, 2016

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about how awesome account-based marketing is, but how exactly do you get started?

From goals and tactics to impressive results, here are details on three successful ABM campaigns to cast the strategy in an actionable light.

In this episode, Julia Stead, Director of Demand Generation at Invoca, dives into three ABM campaigns and what made them so effective.

Sep 12, 2016

Thinking about transitioning to ABM?

Making a shift from a traditional lead-based to an account-based marketing model is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

As long as you start small with ABM tactics and make sure that sales and marketing are working together to smooth the process, a transition to ABM is possible.

In this episode, Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData, explains the process that LeanData used to go from a lead-based to an account-based marketing model.

Sep 11, 2016

Why does your company exist?

Why do you need to make this specific product or offer this exact service?

If you don’t have ready answers to those questions, your brand is probably lacking a core position to base your sales and marketing efforts around.

Without a precise understanding of your company’s reason for being, it’s hard to get all of your content, events, and other marketing strategies to add up to anything productive.

In this episode, Michael Baer, CMO at Laughlin Constable, discusses how to find the “why” of your company in order to develop clear brand positioning.

Sep 10, 2016

What type of person do you want on your marketing team?

Someone with deep-seated knowledge of a particular marketing topic? Or someone who can learn and adapt to various areas to provide support wherever they’re needed?

Whichever your preference, it’s important to know what you’re looking for during the interview process. Having a solid idea of your ideal personality type to add to the team can smooth out the sometimes risky feel of bringing in someone new.

In this episode, Jeanne Hopkins, Senior VP and CMO at Continuum, talks about how to hire the right people to build a marketing team that scales.

Sep 9, 2016

All sales reps are not created equal.

A salesperson may be great at selling a product, but have no idea how to sell a service. That’s because they each require very different skill sets.

To sell a product, you sell a solution. To sell a service, you sell a vision.

In this episode, Clancy Ryan, CRO for Punchkick Interactive, explains the differences between reps who sell a product and those who sell a service, and the skill sets needed for each.

Sep 8, 2016

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a map to keep your business on track?

Actually, there is. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the road signs to your business map. They are the numbers that show you where you’re likely headed, and whether or not that’s the right path.

However, sometimes you don’t have all of the KPIs you need to give you a complete picture. So how do you fill in the holes in your map?

In this episode, Willie Mullen, VP of Sales at Smokeball, explains his process for creating new KPIs to make sure the team keeps heading in the right direction.

Sep 7, 2016

We’ve preached the virtues of aligning sales and marketing numerous times, but it’s especially important with an account-based strategy.

Due to the narrow focus on target accounts, maintaining a consistent outreach message from both salespeople and marketers can be tricky if the two departments aren’t communicating well.

Keeping everyone on the same page saves time and effort for both teams.

In this episode, Noel Coleman, President of Connect Healthcare, gives four ways to increase the impact of outreach messages through account-based sales and marketing alignment.

Sep 6, 2016

Casting a wide net isn’t always the best approach.

With lead-based marketing, the tendency is to seek out a broad range of leads and weed through them as you go. With account-based marketing, there’s a much narrower focus that makes greater attention to detail possible.

With the narrowed scope of ABM, there’s also a higher opportunity to get really creative with marketing campaigns.

In this episode, Adam von Reyn, VP of Growth Marketing at InsightSquared, explains why they switched from lead-based to account-based marketing and how that has impacted the four main stages of the sales funnel.

Sep 5, 2016

Over time, even the best salesperson can lose the fire in their sales hustle.

Whether it’s due to getting pounded by the daily grind or losing passion for the job, sometimes the excitement just isn’t there.

As a manager, how do you keep your team—and yourself—excited about sales?

In this episode, Michael Griffin, VP of Advertising for Captivate, talks about the three most important factors for maintaining a team’s momentum.

Sep 4, 2016

Time is one of our most valuable and finite resources.

When interacting with a prospect or current client, you’re both really buying and selling each other’s time. Event or experiential marketing is a way to leave a lasting impression on clients and form closer bonds with them through time well spent.

In this episode, Nick Spike, Senior VP of Business Development for Thuzio Executive Club, explains exactly why experiential marketing is so powerful for building relationships with prospects and clients.

Sep 3, 2016

It’s still up for debate if it takes a village to raise a child; however, it is certain that it takes a whole company to manage a pipeline.

Pipeline management is not just a sales issue. It takes a whole team from sales, marketing, and business development to ensure that the pipeline is healthy and thriving.

In this episode, Loren Alhadeff, Senior VP of Commercial Sales for DocuSign, explains how to get the whole company involved in pipeline management to promote success.

Sep 2, 2016

Onboarding new clients can be cumbersome.

Moving from closing the deal, to transitioning the client with the onboarder, then to implementing the product isn’t always the smoothest process.

Companies who makes it clear that the onboarding will be simple have an advantage over companies who make it seem complicated.

In this episode, Steve Dimmitt, Chief Revenue Officer at DialogTech, explains the benefits and process to successfully onboard new clients.

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